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Where you are……is exactly where you’re supposed to be – octoberepiphany.com …..

Where you are……is exactly where you’re supposed to be


Have you ever wondered if you are where you’re supposed to be in life? Have you thought over and over again that you would be in a better place if only you’d made different decisions or done things the opposite of what you did do?  Would your life be better (or worse) had you taken a different road?  I think it’s perfectly natural to question our decisions in life and fret over whether we made the right ones or not.  Me being the obsessive “fretter” (I think I just made that word up) that I am I can say with 1000% certainty that I have questioned nearly every decision I’ve ever made in life and if it was for the best or not.  There are times when we are reminded that everything we do is for our own greater good, both the wise and unwise decisions.

I had an interesting conversation with my friend the other day that solidified just that for me.  We were chatting about how my life has gone the last few years and she asked if I would have done this or that differently, thus making things go more favorably for us than how they had gone.  I paused before I answered because I wanted to think it over.  It took less time for that answer to come out of my mouth than I would have expected. Truthfully, I was actually surprised how fast I did answer her question.  I was also surprised at what my answer was.  The simple answer to that question was NO.  No, I would not have changed things.   In a matter of mere seconds I mulled over in my head everything bad and negative that had happened to me/us over the last 7 years or so.  I fast forwarded to now–today–and where I was at in life.  I thought about how I’ve changed completely over the last few years and how I like the person I’ve evolved into.  I thought about how that would not have happened had the negative things not happened.  I told my friend that I believed that all things happen for a reason, both good and bad, and that every experience we have in life shapes the person we become.  I also told her that I believed that the things that happen to us ultimately place us on the path that we are supposed to be on.  Some of us seem to find our path early. Others, like me, take longer to find that path, having gotten sidetracked or even lost along the way.  I belong in the “I got totally lost and refused to stop and ask for directions” category.  Chalk that up to the stubborn gene I was born with and have not been able to extricate from myself  <—- one of my many character faults!

I told my friend, too, that it’s sometimes not until we’ve gone through the ugliness and look back on it that we realize that it was necessary.  You know that old saying that goes “God doesn’t give you any more than you can handle”?  Sometimes we feel like we’re going to break into pieces if ONE more thing happens.  I’ve felt like that about 9 million times in my life.  It wasn’t until I broke down the walls I created for myself over the years and let Him in that I was able to handle things better. That would have never, ever happened had I not gone through everything I did. Am I thankful for the hardships we’ve endured?  You better believe I am!  It’s humbled me like nobody’s business and placed me exactly where I’m supposed to be in life.  I’m still traveling towards my ultimate destination but I know I’m going the right way.  I also know that should I stumble on my path that it’s OK……I’ll just pick myself up and get back on my path.  I have fallen SO many times in my life. That does not matter. What DOES matter is that I got back up.  And I’ll keep getting back up and going about my merry way on my path….exactly where I’m supposed to be.



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  1. Wanda

    Good for you! SO proud of the person you have become and are still becoming! Hopefully, we’re all a work in progress!!

    1. Lisa (Post author)

      Thanks, Wanda! I love how you are on the front line of my personal cheerleader squad! Yes, we are all a work in progress. Some of us (ahem….me) just took a little longer in the works! XOXOXO

  2. Jenny

    Wow Lisa, Thanks for posting this one… It really, really hits Home. I agree 1000% with what you said “where we are is exactly where we are suppose to be.” My family & I have made some decision that we have questioned over and over, we have Fallen on hard times…We have been Knocked down BUT we always get back up, brush off our knees and get back on the Path we were heading down. We may not always make the right choice/decision in life, but Life is about Learning new things and I know we would not be where we are today if we weren’t suppose to go through the bad/negative…

    1. Lisa (Post author)

      Jenny, we all make mistakes in our lives….every last one of us. I consider myself a professional mistake maker. I may not be good at much else but I can make a ~really~ good mistake. The important thing though is to get back up. There’s a saying that says “Fall seven times, stand up eight”. I think that’s good advice and that’s all we can do…..get back up. Sometimes it’s really hard to do so but to remain down is to let defeat set in. Once that gets ahold of you it’s hard to bounce back. That I can tell you from experience.

      The picture in the post above is actually my iPhone cover. The bible scripture Micah 7.8 reads~

      “Do not gloat over me, my enemies! For though I fall, I will rise again. Though I sit in darkness, the LORD will be my light”

      Very appropriate for my life! And having that on the back of my cell phone is a good daily reminder to get back up again every time I fall.


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