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Letting go of “The Land of Perfect”

ugly soap

I remember a Walgreen’s commercial several years ago that talked about a town called Perfect.  It went on to say how wonderful life was in this town because everything was, well, perfect.  I used to laugh with my husband about that commercial and we have a running joke now about “The Land of Perfect” and how we wished we lived there.  In The Land of Perfect everything would be shiny, happy and wonderful. There would be no worries of any kind, especially the financial kind which seems to be the bane of our very existence.  All.the.time.  When you are a perfectionist like me not being able to live in The Land of Perfect is especially hard to deal with.

I stress and obsess over things that I can’t possibly control and it drives me crazy. I see other people, things, situations and think “I should do this” or “I should be like that” or “Why can’t I be like them?”.  I’m surprised I haven’t been committed yet over all the obsessing I’ve done over the years.  I look back on my life and think I should have done this or that with my kids, I should have volunteered at their school more, I should have never let them eat at McDonald’s or places like it.  I should have done this.  I shouldn’t have done that.  Things needed to be perfect!  We are conditioned to believe in the idea of perfect by TV, magazines, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.  Pinterest is a definite guilty factor there–things have to be Pinterest Perfect!  (I do confess….I’m a Pinterest addict.  Ok.  I’m also a Pinterest hoarder.  Anyone that follows me on there knows that…….ahem).

One of the things I have been obsessing about the last several months is that I haven’t been back to my blog.  When I started it I wanted it to be grand…….just like everyone else’s blog is, with numerous posts throughout the week.  I wanted it to be PERFECT.  Well, life gets in the way sometimes and that didn’t happen.  I also obsessed over the idea that each post had to be long.  A short post just wouldn’t do. Well, guess what?  That is wrong!  Two things happened recently that made me view things in a different light.  I was reading the blog of a new friend and one of her posts was just a few very short paragraphs long.  When I got done reading the short post it was like a eureka moment for me.  I realized that blog posts don’t have to be long, they can be short and sweet.  They don’t even have to be about anything profound.  The other thing that happened was a comment my daughter said to me over text.  I recently learned to make homemade soap.  My first three bathes came out okay.  I made the fourth batch which was the same kind of soap as the second batch.  That one had come out alright so I didn’t expect problems.  Well, there were problems.  My soap was cooked too fast and at too high a temperature.  When I mixed the honey in the soap it didn’t get mixed in as good as it should have. When I unmolded my soap the next day there were pockets of gooey, squishy honey all through it.  I was so disappointed in my failure.  My soap was NOT perfect.  I texted my daughter a picture of the messed up soap and told her what happened.  I told her it was ugly soap.   You know what she said?  She said “It’s just soap”.  You know what?  She is absolutely right.  It is JUST SOAP.  It’s not the end of the world if my soap isn’t perfect.  It will probably get us just as clean as the perfect soap……we might be a little sticky but no worries!   I learned this past week that things do not always have to be perfect and that’s OKAY.  I’m sure in a bathroom in The Land of Perfect that someone has some ugly soap banished to underneath the sink because it’s not perfect and could never grace their perfect soap dish.  My ugly soap is going right in the shower to be displayed and used in all it’s imperfect ugly glory.  And that is the end of my kinda short post.

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  1. Wanda

    I’m so glad you finally came to this conclusion. It’s a hard lesson to learn for us perfectionists but it sure gives us a mountain of peace when we finally get it. Better late than never. Congrats!! Some people are never blessed to get here. Take a deep breath and enjoy this new revelation!! Much love girlfriend!!

  2. Lisa (Post author)

    Thank you, Wanda! Trying to do/make/have everything perfect is EXHAUSTING! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to let go of perfectionism 100% but I am certainly going to try. Who would have thought that ugly soap could teach you a lesson? Certainly not me. Much love back to you, too! 🙂

  3. Lynnette

    Hi Lisa,

    I am so proud of you and your blog. I will be checking in on October Epiphany on a regular basis. I just want to thank you for your gift of sharing. You are an inspiration! Your ugly soap perfect! The so-called ugly soap has calmed my skin issues and helped with my daughter’s acne. One soap that works on a 50 year old and 17 year old’s skin, Beautiful!

  4. Lisa (Post author)

    Thank you, Lynnette! It feels good to hear someone say they are proud of you. I’m glad you liked my “ugly soap”. That’s great that it helped you & your daughter’s skin……how awesome!


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