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Finding my way home…..where I was always meant to be – octoberepiphany.com …..

Finding my way home…..where I was always meant to be


There are many different definitions for the word home.  For this story, though, the definition I want to use is this:

Home is not always a brick and mortar place, but rather a place where you feel that you belong.  Home can be a spiritual place…..…like church. Home can also be a way of life……..finding where you fit in.  

For me, “finding my way home” was a several-step process.  Read on….

Once upon a time, there was a gal who loved convenience.  She had an absolute LOVE AFFAIR with it.  Go to the store, buy it, bring it home, spray it, and let the bubbles do their scrubbing.  Or put it in the dryer and the fluffy little bear will make the clothes puff up like magic and smell like flowers.  Or open the can, pour it into the pot, and you’ll have a “homemade” dinner in a jiffy.  Convenience is a great thing. It’s also a modern thing.  People in generations before us didn’t have so much convenience.  They had to do things for themselves, make things themselves… from scratch, no less.  No running to the store for every little thing they needed. Somewhere down the line, we were conditioned to believe that convenient is better. Well, guess what.  It’s not!  All that convenience came at a price.  That price has compromised our health and our environment.  I was just as guilty as the next person.  But something happened in my life that changed all that.

The economic downturn several years ago hit my family hard–really hard. The kind of hard where you have to decide which bills not to pay so you can buy groceries that week.  The kind of hard where you’re staring straight down the nose of things you never thought you’d have to face.  The kind of hard that takes you to a place you’d never think you’d be.  That kind of hard puts you in church on a Sunday morning in October after praying for help the awful night before. That kind of praying DOES get you help, but sometimes not the kind you are expecting. The kind of help you get from praying sometimes changes your whole life–turning it upside down, sideways and backwards, causing you to have an epiphany.  That kind of epiphany changes you from a years-long borderline non-believer into an instant believer.  And sometimes that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen.

In the middle of all the turmoil my family was going through, I did everything I could possibly do to stretch what little money we had as far as possible.  As an in-home child care provider, I had to find ways to reduce my costs.  I researched how to make reusable baby wipes.  I thought I was going to learn how to make something myself and save money.   What I actually learned was about all the harmful chemicals that are in baby wipes.  I learned that baby wipes were made from some pretty unnatural materials.  I thought they were made solely from cloth.  Nope! Go research that for yourself.  You might will be surprised.   Learning that ONE thing branched out into a bunch of different directions.  It was the ripple effect.  I learned about the negative impact that chemicals have on us personally, as well as on the environment.  Now, I’m not dumb. I’ve always known there were chemicals in stuff.  I just didn’t realize how many chemicals there were in everything and how they affected us so much.  It made a huge impact on me, and I wanted to learn as much as I could.  The “Baby Wipe Incident,” as I refer to it, had changed me profoundly.  I started to look at those things of convenience in a whole different light, and I did not like it. I decided to change things in our life for the better.  My husband thought I was crazy (he kinda still does).  He liked convenience a LOT!  I’m working on him, though.

As I journeyed through the last few years, learning all I could about natural living, I started to feel a calling to pass on that information to others.  It’s a really strong calling, too.  I will tell anyone who will listen all about natural living AND the experience I had that landed me in church that Sunday morning in October.  My pastor Clark said this is called evangelism.  I snickered when he said that because I never, EVER thought of myself in that way, being the shy, reserved, introverted wallflower that I am.   But I guess Clark knows better than I do, seeing how he’s had all that professional training on the subject.  Looking back on that now, Clark was right.  If I could stand on the rooftop and shout to the masses about how we should all get back to a more natural lifestyle, I would.  But seeing how climbing on the roof is sorta unappealing to me, this blog is the next best thing.  Plus, I always wanted to be a writer, so there…..…I think it’s kismet.  All this brings me to where I am now. Learning, sharing, and making my life over……..walking down an entirely different path than the one of convenience and denial of faith that I traveled on for so long.  I hope you’ll decide to walk that path, too, and learn something new while you’re here because, let me tell you……..it’s WONDERFUL over here on this side.

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